Protection Status



PROVINA is the leading supplier of fastening products in Vietnam. With long experience in this market, we constantly affirm our stature and prestige thanks to high quality products. with very stable prices. We are currently supplying typical products such as: webbing, webbing sling,... along with quality linking accessories... Wholesale and retail of manufactured equipment main at the company. With the operating motto "Safety - Prestige - Success", Proviina confidently brings to customers simple operating procedures and maximum efficiency when using products from the company.



About the product

Commit 100% of goods are manufactured in the company itself with modern production lines to ensure high quality.

Product Innovation

Product exchange in the first 07 days if you are not satisfied and the first 30 days if there is a defect from the manufacturer.

Free repair

Free repair and warranty for products sold from the company, committed not to collect any costs.

Quick operation

The usage time of most products at Provina company is maximized at the highest level, bringing many benefits to customers.

Always Best Price

   Committed to always the best price for you. 100% refund if customer is not satisfied.

Online Payment

Buy directly via Internet Banking/Swipe card. Fast and convenient.

Practical experience

Directly testing the products at the store, the company's headquarters brings the best experience about product quality.

Up to 36 Months Warranty

Product warranty from 12 - 36 months according to each type.