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Webbing slings manufacture in Viet Nam


Webbing slings manufacture in Viet Nam


Webbing sling is used to lift, tow or pull loads from 1 ton to 12 tons or more. Working load limits of webbing slings are distinguished based on the color of the webbing.

They serve the same purpose as wire ropes, however the method of use is different.

Webbing slings are resistant to UV rays, corrosion and abrasion so they have a long life and durability. They are made from High Tenacity Polyester Yarn. This type of material has good load- capacity, is inelastic, moisture-proof and is less affected by UV ray.

Webbing sling Viet Nam


Like other countries, the Webbing slings in Vietnam are widely used. However, at present, there are very few manufacturers of webbing sling in Vietnam. PROVINA Co., Ltd. is one of the few companies specializing in the production of webbing slings in Vietnam.

Webbing slings manufacture in Viet Nam


Applications of Webbing Slings

- Construction industry - Webbing slings are most often used in the construction industry to lift tools and equipment. With its soft and flexible nature, the webbing slings are easily wound around even the most intricately shaped equipments.

- Transportation Industry - Webbing slings are used by thousands of trucking and trucking companies every day. The transportation industry is probably the industry that uses it the most.

- Heavy industry: Webbing slings are also used a lot in factories producing steel structures, steel pipes, coils, machinery and equipment factories,....

Some common types of webbing slings

Webbing sling Viet Nam

Classification based on structure

Eye to eye webbing slings

This type has 2 eye-shaped at the 2 ends of the sling. It is light in weight and quite flexible, so it is very popular and widely used in all kinds of sling.

Endless Web Slings

Endless slings can be used in all three types of slings.They are quite flexible and easily customized for complex shaped equipments.They are quite widely used in factories producing steel pipes and coils.

Webbing slings manufacture in Viet Nam


Round sling

This is the best choice for supper heavy equipments, cargos. The round slings can withstand up to 30 tons of weight. They are the perfect replacement for steel slings due to their strenght load capacity and high flexibility.

Round Sing Viet Nam

Classification based on Lifting capacity

Each type of product has its own standard to distinguish. The same is true for webbing slings, their loads capacity are distinguished by color.


Purple Lifting Slings


Webbing slings manufacture in Viet Nam


Lifting capacity up to 1 ton

Webbing width: 35 mm


Green Lifting Slings


Lifting capacity up to 2 tonnes

Webbing width: 50 mm


Yellow Lifting Slings


Lifting capacity up to 3 tonnes

Webbing width: 75 mm


Grey Lifting Slings


Lifting capacity up to 4 tonnes

Webbing width: 100 mm


Red Lifting Slings


Lifting capacity up to 5 tonnes

Webbing width: 125 mm


Brown Lifting Slings


Lifting capacity up to 6 tonnes

Webbing width: 150 mm


Blue Lifting Slings


Lifting capacity up to 8 tonnes

Webbing width: 200 mm


Orange Lifting Slings


Lifting capacity is between 10 tonnes and 20 tonnes, depending on the chosen strength.

Webbing width: from 250 mm to 300 mm

The above is the general standard for the color of the webbing slings. However, this standard may vary by manufacturer.

Production video Webbing sling in Provina VN.

Leading manufacturer of webbing slings in Vietnam


Webbing slings manufacture in Viet Nam

PROVINA Co., Ltd. is a factory specializing in manufacturing webbing slings for domestic and export markets. All products are manufactured entirely in the factory.

Products are manufactured according to international standards. All products are tested and labeled for safety before sell to the market.

Currently PROVINA's products are being exported to some of markets such as the US, Japan and Korea.

With increasing production capacity and skilled workers, PROVINA is confident to be the first choice for customers who are looking for a Webbing slings manufacturer in Vietnam.

Webbing sling Viet Nam


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